Who are the Joneses and why are they so important anyway?

It amazes me how many of my clients have made decisions to purchase items based on what others have, what others think, and how they perceive us.

Don’t get me wrong we all have a slight concern about what others think about us, and don’t let anyone tell you they have completely rid themselves of this thought, BUT when it comes to giving another person or company the power of making a purchase decision for you, you have become enslaved to their sense of reality and perception which they aren’t even aware you thought of them to be so important.

Keeping up with the Joneses goes beyond wanting to have nice things but rather, it’s a self-identity crisis.  I’ve always told you that money is personal and therefore the more we become internally secure, the more we manage our money better. 


Because when we know who we really are, we understand what we really want and need and will work toward those goals.  We manage our time, finances, and resources better because we understand that we have a destination to reach and need everything we have to get there.

Without a great sense of self, our purpose here on earth is stifled, halted, or even aborted when we use our money, time, and energy to portray to others that we have a status that deserves to be respected, admired, and followed until the car is repossessed, the house is foreclosed, the jewelry is pawned, and the clothing, shoes, and handbags are sold for cash on hand or are out of style.

What’s worse is that our purpose and security dwindle with every purchase and they are hard to recuperate!  Children will miss out on a college or secondary education, retirement is not an option, being able to eat well is a fleeting reality, great health coverage is null and void, your desire to help and give to others is unfulfilled, passing on an inheritance instead of debt becomes inevitable, and a life with options to do what you really love has been buried a long time ago with little chance of resurrection the longer one remains a Joneses follower.

What most people who keep up with the Joneses don’t know is that even the Joneses have a Joneses OR they’re people who have afforded a life with options by putting the work in early on so that they could enjoy these things later on.  Instead of keeping up with the Joneses, keep up with your purpose and destiny!  Keep up with who you really are at heart and the next thing you know, others will be trying to keep up with you! 

Great leadership comes from being disciplined enough to fall in love with the process that will help you achieve long-lasting notoriety within your home, your community, and even the world.  There’s always a new Jones to follow and when they fall off from their elite status, their follower pick up with another set of Joneses but there’s only one you and you owe it to yourself and to those who really matter to do some self-discovery which will help you know how to use what you have to further your own purpose, have a life with options, and leave behind a legacy of longevity and a keen sense of self.  If you don’t know how, I’ll help you with a free discovery session and all you have to do is email me, Ashley Harris- your Financial Coach and Consultant at info@behindthenumbersfc.com.


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