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Archive for September 2018

6 Quick Tips to Help Your Business Stay Afloat

After all you’ve put yourself through to start your business, the last thing you want to do is lose it because you can’t cover the expenses! Even with great profits coming in from the business, as the owner, you need to make sure you have more than enough cash flow to keep the business open…

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Who are the Joneses and why are they so important anyway?

It amazes me how many of my clients have made decisions to purchase items based on what others have, what others think, and how they perceive us. Don’t get me wrong we all have a slight concern about what others think about us, and don’t let anyone tell you they have completely rid themselves of…

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Top 5 Mid Year Tax Review Tips For a Great Tax Season

When you’re running a business or a household, it can seem like you just never get to do some things until the last minute and that includes taxes.  Now, don’t you go frowning your face and turning up your nose at the thought of it, as it’s really not that bad when you introduce a…

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